undernourishment, diseases may stoke flood toll, warns UN

More than seven million people.

“That’s a sober but realistic understanding.”

Swathes of farmland – mostly in Sindh – still remain under water.

The United Nations also expressed its concern over increasing cases of waterborne diseases. A second disaster is looming in sight,” it said in a statement.

undernourishment, diseases may stoke flood toll, warns UN

“Millions of children are still grappling to survive, and we fear thousands will not make it,” it added.

“Five hundred children died because of the direct impact of the floods,” said Unicef Field Operations Chief Scott Whoolery. “We’re not worried about hundreds.

“The absolute priority is to deal with the health crisis that is striking the flood-affected districts right now,” said Harneis said in Islamabad. Doctors and medical workers are struggling to contain the outbreak of waterborne diseases in Sindh. Of that number, 701 people — including 31 women — have died in Sindh.

The floods have caused at least 1,300 deaths and washed away homes, businesses, roads, and bridges.

Mortality among newborn babies and severe acute malnutrition are at risk of increasing due to disruption of serv

undernourishment, diseases may stoke flood toll, warns UN

The WHO has delivered $1.5 million in medicines and emergency stockpiles, including tents, water purification kits, and oral rehydration sachets.

It is appealing for $19 million from donors.

UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, has launched an air bridge to deliver aid from Dubai.

The first four flights took off on Monday, said Indrika Ratwatte, UNHCR’s regional director for Asia and the Pacific.

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