Protesters demand inquiry into Peshawar blast

Protesters demand inquiry into Peshawar blast


The workers of different political parties and civil society members held protest

demonstrations in Swat and Bajaur on Thursday to seek independent inquiry into the Peshawar police lines blast.

Protesters demand inquiry into Peshawar blast

In Swat, the protests were organized by Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) in Mingora, Matta, and Khwazkhela. Political workers, youth, and local elders attended the protests.

PkMAP Leaders Mukhtiar Khan Yousafzai,

Anwar Khan Bacha Lala, Khurshid Kaka Ji, Khalid Mahmood, Bacha Gul,

Ali Namdar Khan, Umar Ali Yousafzai, Badar Sher Afghan, Yahya Khan Watanyar, Ismail Khukaley Khan,

Ghairat Khan, Mazhar Azad, and Jalalud Din Jalal; member of Swat Qaumi

Jirga Haji Zahid Khan; PPP leader Iqbal Hussain Baley; and Awami

National Party leader Abdullah Yousafzai addressed the protesters. Protesters demand inquiry into Peshawar blast

They said that the terrorists did not attack the police, rather they targeted all the Pakhtuns. They said that they considered it the genocide of Pakhtuns.

“We believe that the state and the government use terrorism as a weapon against Pakhtuns.

The roots of terrorism exist in the interior and exterior policies, which must be changed

The speakers said that for the last 20 years,

the unending wave of terrorism in Pakhtunkhwa did not end, but its intensity increased. “We are surprised that the terrorists target only Pakhtuns in the country,” they added.

They said that terrorists were targeting educational institutes, markets, mosques, and police lines.

“We are tired of burying dead bodies.

In Bajaur, the workers of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz

staged separate protest demonstrations against Tuesday’s bombing at the police lines mosque in Peshawar.

PTI workers held the demonstration in Laghari Bazaar in Mamund tehsil while the

PML-N workers staged a protest outside Bajaur Press Club in Khar.

Najibullah, Umar Said,

Ikram Khan and others addressed the PTI demonstration and strongly condemned the Peshawar blast. They showed sympathy for the families of the blast victims.

They described the killing of more than 100 people in the blast as a great loss not

only for their families but for the entire nation. They asked the government to take

exemplary action against the perpetrators of the gruesome act and conduct a fair investigation into the incident.

The participants of the PML-N demonstration also asked the government to take

result-oriented action against militants and their facilitators across the country

to avoid such deadliest attacks in the future.

They urged the federal government to enforce National Action Plan.

They also appealed to the leaders of all political and religious parties to join hands against terrorists.

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