PM says govt still has time to fix economy

PM says govt still has time to fix economy


Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Monday the ruling coalition

still had eight more months in the government and expressed his resolve that it would steer the country out of

its current difficulties despite a myriad of economic challenges.

Addressing a ceremony organized with regard to

the development projects for southern districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, the prime minister fired a

broadside against his predecessor, Pakistan Terek-e-Insafe (PTI) chairman Imran Khan,

“for damaging the country’s relations” with friendly countries such as China.

The prime minister

stressed that general elections

damaged the country’s foreign relations and sold watches to bring bad name to the country.

“The coalition government has still eight months’ In the general elections, the public will decide whether

they vote for the man who sold precious watches, and is in the habit of levelling false allegations,

or for those who served the nation,” the prime minister said.

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At the ceremony, Shahbaz laid foundation stones of different uplift projects in the communication, roads, hydel and power infrastructure sectors

Amir Maqam

, Jamaat Sulema-e-Islam chief Maulana Failure Rehman and others.

Shahbaz expressed the resolve that despite a myriad of economic challenges,

He vowed to change the fate of the country.

The coalition government with the support of its partners will steer the country out of the challenges,” he said.

“To achieve

progress and prosperity, we will have to work hard with devotion,” he continued. “Nations always faced difficulties but the coalition government will put Pakistan on path to development through hard work,” he added.

“When I took the oath of office, I did not realize the extent of damage done to

the national economy because of the wrong policies of the PTI government,” Shahbaz told the ceremony.

“The country was close to bankruptcy, while the agreement with the IMF [International


“But the efforts of the coalition government and institutions and the prayers of the people and

the hard work and cooperation of the sympathizers of Pakistan, we saved the country from bankruptcy. There is no doubt that challenges are enormous.”

He regretted that the PTI government brought all the development projects initiated by

the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government to a grinding halt. He regretted that because of the faulty policies of PTI’s government, the friendly nat.

He also criticized the PTI-led government in

the province, saying that the provincial government always talked about introducing an efficient system,

but in fact the people had witnessed the crumbling of that system.


The prime minister expressed

concerns over the rise of terrorists’ incidents in K-P. He lauded the sacrifices and successful operation launched by the Army’s

Special Service Group (SSG) and the other law-enforcement agencies to eliminate terrorists,

who had seized the Counter-Terrorism Centre in Banu last week.

“The security personnel, who laid down their lives fo

r the He also expressed his grief and sorrow over loss of security personnel in Baluchistan. He said that he would soon be chairing a meeting to review the situation.

Flood situation

The prime minister said that Pakistan suffered a whopping loss of about $30

ossia and Ukraine conflict and exorbitant price of gas and oil in the international market.

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