Citizens term fuel price hike unbearableCitizens term fuel price hike unbearable

Citizens’ term fuel price hike unbearable


A number of citizens on Sunday termed unbearable the increase in the prices of petroleum products announced by the government.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, they expressed fear that the decision would result in another wave of inflation and that the transportation cost of all goods would increase. Amid an existing burden of exorbitant prices of essential items, the increase in fuel expenses would intensify the financial difficulties of daily wage earners, students, and others traveling by public transport.

Muhammad Arif and Muzammil

, who work in government and semi-government offices and were buying petrol for their vehicles, said the ruling parties had made claims before coming to power that they would bring under control the inflation and provide relief to the people. However, due to the increase in the prices of petroleum products, their financial problems were increasing, they complained.

A laborer, Muhammad Kashif, said the daily wage earners would be the worst affected by the increase in petrol prices. The daily wage of a laborer is only a few hundred rupees and the government is increasing the price of petrol repeatedly without thinking about his plight.

He said the life of common people was becoming difficult. A student of a private university, Ambreen, said the increase in the fuel prices would add to her financial problems as the transport fare would rise and they would have to bear the additional cost daily.

A customer at a petrol filling station

Muhammad Jameel expressed fear that not only would the financial problems of the commuters increase, but the resultant price hike could also result in an increase in crimes and corruption.

He said the government should withdraw the increase in petroleum prices as soon as possible to provide relief to the people.

Another citizen said the people had already been facing hardship because of unemployment and lack of business opportunities.

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